Change your lifestyle and create work life balance with guided yoga sessions for 3 days.

Meet live to learn yogic methods of creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Daily Schedule of LIVE workshop

Day 1 (Gut reset)

Detoxifying the digestive process with Yoga asanas that improve gut function and use a detox drink for gut cleansing. Learn about correct way of doing asanas with muscle engagement and breathing during asanas.

Day 2 (Body reset)

Pranayama session for boosting vital body functions and Nervous system. Practice the effective Tratak Meditation.

Day 3 (mind reset)

Guided Meditation and Yoga nidra session. Dive into a spiritual awakening of mind and become conscious within.

Free Bonuses

Bonus 1

Viprit ahaar E-Book, we eat different types of food together but many combinations are not healthy for our body. Here is a list of foods that should not be combined together.

Bonus 2

Most of our food isn’t nutritious because of our lifestyle. Yogic Diet recipe book is a compilation of quick recipes for you to improve your diet and reduce Gut issues.

Bonus 3

A digital checklist to wake up every day and build healthy habits on the go.

namaskaram I am Kanchan Verma

An MBA Post graduate turned Yogini. When life became overwhelming, it was yoga that gave me all the support. 

So, after I helped myself, I decided to share the yogic wisdom and did a Yoga Therapy course from Ayush ministry.

I am also a certified Dietician, Nutritionist and an Aerial Yoga Expert,  helping working professionals since last 7 years to maintain a lifestyle which is the most appropriate for them.

I want to share my experience with you and help you bring a practical and positive change in your lifestyle.

So I invite you to Join me in this wholesome experience to learn about the yogic way of maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Give yourself something wonderful this New Year, and meet me LIVE.

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