7 day Meditation Session

This is a guided 7 day meditation program where I will take you everyday with various meditation processes and increase your self awareness.

Day 1 : Introduction

In this session deep discussion about you. How you approach to things and situation in past and present.

Day 2 : What is meditation

In this session learn what meditation is all about.

Day 3 : Cleans Body, Thoughts & Emotion

In this session learn how to cleanse body thought and emotions.

Day 4 : Relax Body, Breath & Thoughts

In this session learn how to how relax body, breath and thoughts.

Day 5 : Go in Meditation

In this session learn how to go in meditation.

Day 6 : Types of Meditation

Learn different kind of meditation, understand what works for you.

Day 7 : Q & A

In this session you may ask questions that you have about hindrances in meditation.

Explore full potential of your life

Experience Peace, Love, Joy, Compassion, Happiness that is a very nature of life.

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