Yoga vs Gym in times of Covid-19

Amid the chaos of fast-paced monotonous life, the corona wave came and reduced the pace with a blink of an eye. The unseen situation engulfed the lives of people like a flame, without giving a chance to the people to stand up and fight. However, the only good thing that happened in the corona times is the increasing number of people working out to maintain the work and life balance. Gym and yoga are the two forms of workout highly opted by people. But, during Covid-19, the inclination of the bar was more towards yoga than the Gym workout due to various reasons-
1. Yoga provides a soothing feel along with permanent benefits for the body. Gym, on the other hand, gives instant results without focusing on the factors for permanent health improvement.
2. Yoga and pranayam improve blood circulation and boosts immunity that helps in tackling the pandemic situation, making our lungs strong and healthy.
3. Yoga haing soft and smooth movements’ suits people of any age. But Gym requires more energy and is not appropriate for old aged people.
4. It is easy to do yoga asanas at home as it does not include many types of equipment. On the contrary, the Gym requires a full setup with different machines to be fully operational.
5. Yoga provides the convenience of staying at home and working out. But, Gym needs a physical presence of the person in the Gym to carry out the exercises.
6. Women on menstruation can opt for light yoga workout and pranayam. Gyming

, on the other hand, requires heavy workout that is not prescribed for women while menstruating.
7. The chances of getting injured in yoga are much less than that in Gym.
8. Yoga builds a person both physically and mentally. Contrarily, the main focus of the Gym is on shaping physical appearance and does not include any mental health exercises.
The focus on a healthy body needs to be of the utmost importance for long and happy life. The points discussed above reflect upon the right kind of workout that should be taken by an individual. The comparison will help the people in choosing the best for their health in times of covid-19. We here do not demean any workout practices. However, we want the best for each person that is why we ponder over the positives of Yoga over any other form of workout.

By Kanchan Chandra


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