Benefits of Corporate yoga for business

Increases productivity and efficiency – Employees productivity increases as they worked with more alertness, They don’t feel lethargic during working hours. Employees are more energetic and enthusiastic about work. They are self motivated, disciplined and work efficiently and effectively.

Reduces absenteeism – Yoga makes the employees healthy ; physically and mentally. Employees immunity is boosted so they fall sick lesser. They are on time, as the don’t feel fatigue during working hours. The proneness to lifestyle diseases reduces by 80%. They come up with new ideas as projects. They become socially more active.

Higher job satisfaction – when the company is taking care of employees physical and mental health. They are more satisfied and feel connected to the company. They have higher value for company

, and compare their own company with other companies. Higher job satisfaction increases the brand value of the company. The retention rate also increases with higher job satisfaction.

Attracting more potential employees – Potential employees in the market are attracted by the higher job satisfaction of the people, already working in the company. Mouth to mouth publicity is the best publicity. When a company is taking good care of their employees

, it does show in their employees mental and physical health, and they talk about it to others.
By Kanchan Chandra

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