Can a slip disc be cured without surgery?

Yes, it’s possible. It is very much possible to treat a slip disc . Yoga therapy is a very helpful means to pain relief in the slip disc, And with long term yoga therapies, it can be cured as well. Yoga therapy also helps in not getting any other symptoms due to slip disc. With the combination of Yoga asanas and therapeutic exercises pain can be relieved in a couple of days. In yoga there are many asanas which are very much beneficial for herniated disk.

The yoga poses for slip disc are

Bhujangasana/ Cobra pose

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana/ Upward facing dog pose

Adho Mukha Svanasana/ Downward facing dog pose

SetuBandha Asana/ Bridge pose

Uttana Shishosana/Melting heart pose

The Time scale for curing slipped discs without surgery may vary from severity and body to body.

There are many more loosening exercises like shoulder rotation , Spine twisting, Spine Extension etc.

Complete cure needs 4 to 5 months of dedicated yoga therapy, Disc management, and preventing the slipping of the disc.

Pranayama also helps in strengthening of the spine, specially the Bhramari pranayama. Mudras plays a very significant role in building up a strong spine and nourishing it.

This is why Yoga is a holistic process which plays a key role in keeping the Body, Mind and Soul healthy and fit.

By Kanchan Chandra

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